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Monday, March 13th- Sunday, March 19th

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* We plan on having evening classes on Tuesday March 14th- Gym will open at 4pm! Drive safe!

Monday, March 13th

WU- 10 Minutes- Alternate with partner
Min 1- Row or Bike
Min 2- 5 RDLs (work your hip hinge!), 5 Front Squats, 5 Push Presses with empty Barbell

15 minutes
Deadlift or Power Clean Technique Work- 5,5,4,4,3,3
– Focus on your form and technique instead of weight. These sets should be moderate in weight with each rep being perfect.

Try to get your Power Cleans to look smooth like Rich Froning!!

2 Rounds- 2 Minute Stations
A) Row or Bike- Calories
B) Burpees
C) Deadlift or Power Clean Singles (135/95)- Keep the reps at singles so you ensure perfect form. Each rep should be pretty. If you are using thin 10’s please set them down nicely. Thanks!
D) Rest 2 minutes
* Score is total reps A,B,C- Score both rounds separate (ex- 55,52)

Bonus- 30 Body Saws on GHR’s
Flex- Pigeon x 2 mins per side

Tuesday, March 14th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Ankle to Wall Stretch each leg
10 Heel Taps on small box or plate- Exaggerate pushing your hips back and use glutes. This should be how the start of your pistol feels. make sure you are using your glutes!
10 Table Top Shoulder Stretches (like video but moving)
50 ft Alligator Walk using Glute Ham Rollers (25 feet forward, 25 feet reverse)

Gymnastics Strength Work
1A) Pistols 5 x 10 each leg (sit back on box or bench if needed)
1B) Ring Dips- 5 x 10 (use boxes, benches, or equalizers if needed)
1C) Strict Toes to Bar- 5 x 10 – No swinging!

Partner WOD- 15 minute Amrap
3 Pull Ups/ C2B
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats
* Alternate Full Rounds, Partner out is in a Handstand or Plank while other partner works.

Bonus- 3 x 10 Banded Cuban Presses- Shoulder Rehab
3 x 10-15 Plate Sit Ups

Wednesday, March 15th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Therapy squats
15 Calorie Row or Bike
20 Sling Shot Glute Bridges

20 minutes
1A) DB Thrusters 5 x 10 reps (AHAP with good form)
1B) Glute Ham Rollers- 5 x 10 (slow and controlled)
1C) Banded Snow Angels- 5 x 10 (slow and controlled)

Tabata- 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest x 4 Rounds
Assault Bike or Row for Calories
Rest 2 minutes
*Score is Calories and Burpees combined

Bonus- 30 Slow and Controlled Hollow Rocks
Couch Stretch x 2 mins per side

Thursday, March 16th

WU- 1 minute stations x 3 Rounds
A) Lunge, Lunge, Squat, Burpee- repeat
B) Bear Crawl
C) Pass Throughs

Skill Work- 20 minutes- Work through circuit with easy pace. You may spend more time on one skill if needed.
A) Rope Climb (complete 1 or 2 climbs or work on your foot work)
B) Handstand Walking (take 3-5 attempts or do 3-5 Wall Walks or work on Handstand) * If attempting Handstand walking make sure you feel comfortable cartwheeling out of it or make sure you tuck your head if you roll forward. You may use gymnastic mats too.
C) V-Ups- 10-20 reps (do a single leg V-up if needed) Lower back comes all the way off the floor for a full V-Up

20 minutes not for time (keep a steady pace, but don’t worry about your time)
A) Bench Press- 10 reps (you pick weight)
B) Row- 15/12 calories (perfect form)
C) DB Power Cleans- 10 reps (you pick weight)
D) Strict Chin Ups- 5-10 reps

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins

Friday, March 16th

We will be doing the CrossFit Open 17.4!! for all classes. Will post it on Thursday night after the WOD is announced.

Friday Night Lights- 6pm!!

Saturday, March 17th

WU- 3 Rounds
5 Worlds Greatest Stretch Per Side (Elbow to ankle + T- Spine + Hamstring = 1 rep)
10 Therapy Squats (slow and controlled, work your technique)
15 Sling Shot Band Walks each direction (band around knees or ankles, small steps, keep tension on band and get the glutes on fire!)

10 minutes- Work up to a heavish Back Squat for the day. Perfect form, doesn’t have to be your true 1RM, just whatever you can handle today.
10 minutes- EMOM x 3 reps – 80% of heavish Back Squat for the day

12 minutes with Partner
Min 1- Partner One- Max Calories Bike or Row in 1 minute
Min 2- Partner Two- Max Calories Bike or Row in 1 minute
Min 3- Partner One- Max Wall Ball Shots in 1 minute (20/14)
Min 4- Partner Two- Max Wall Ball Shots in 1 minute
Repeat for 3 Rounds
Score is total reps for both partner combined

Flex- Couch Stretch x 2 mins per leg

Sunday, March 16th

10am- Erin’s CrossFit class
11am-1pm- Open Gym