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Monday, February 13th- Sunday, February 19th

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– Bring a friend WOD this Saturday Feb. 18th! We will do a partner wod but it will be beginner friendly. If you have a friend or family member interested in trying CrossFit bring them out!

– If you are paying for products at the gym with your credit card please make a minimum purchase of $10. For anything under $10 please use cash or check. Thank you!

– Check out this sweet video Eric Wisler put together from the 2017 Lanco Games!

– CrossFit Open is coming up soon! The Open starts Feb. 23rd. I highly, highly recommend you sign up and compete. It will push you and make you better! Also, just a great community event for us. We will do the wods as gym on Friday’s. Just like previous years we will run heats on Friday night starting at 6pm. A great time to come together and cheer each other on! Sign up at CrossFit Ephrata is also doing a team this year, our team name is – The Chu Crew – everyone is welcome to join the team and have your scores contribute. The more the better! make sure to sign up and join our team!

Monday, Feb. 13th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Table Top Bridges- You should feel a big stretch in the shoulders at top

10 Slow Push Ups
10 Russian KB Swings- Practice your perfect hip hinge
30 second Handstand Hold or Plank

1A) Strict Press + Push Press- 5 x 5+5 (5 strict press + 5 push press)- you pick the weight. 5 smooth strict press then right into 5 push presses.
1B) Practice Rope Climbs in between sets of presses- Practice foot work sitting on box or jumping up on rope. Or you can do legless rope climbs if you want to build more strength.

1 min stations x 3 Rounds
A) Burpee Chin Ups
B) Calories Rower or Bike
C) Alternating DB or KB Snatch (50/35)/(70/55)- set DB and KB’s down nicely please
D) 1 min rest
* Score is total reps for all rounds combined

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins

Tuesday, Feb. 14th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Therapy Squats
15 Sling Shot Glute Bridges
10 Kipping Swings

1A) Front Squat or Squat Clean- 5 x 3 reps
1B) Glute Ham Rollers- 5 x 10 reps

For Time
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14), 100 Double Unders, 25 Toes To Bar
40 Wall Ball Shots, 80 Double Unders, 20 Toes To Bar
30 Wall Ball Shots, 60 Double Unders, 15 Toes To Bar
20 Wall Ball Shots, 40 Double Unders, 10 Toes To Bar

Double Under scaled options- Single Unders, Step Ups or Cals (cut it down to 1/4 double under reps)
Toes To Bar scaled options- Knees to Elbows, Sit Ups, or Pikes on GHR

Flex- Couch Stretch x 2 mins

Wednesday, Feb. 15th

3 minute Stations
A) Banded Shoulder Prehab- A,T,Y,L x 5 each repeat
B) 5 Hip Hinges, 5 Wall Shoulder Stretch- repeat

C) 10 Pass Throughs, 5 Lateral PVC Hop Burpees- repeat

1A) Bench Press- 5 x 5 (try to go slightly heavier then last week)
1B) Strict Pull Up- 5 x 5-10 reps – slow and controlled negative
1C) Side Planks- 5 x 15-30 seconds each side

EMOM x 10 mins
3 Power Cleans- 70% of max
5-10 Handstand Push Ups
3 Deadlifts- 70% of max
5-10 perfect push ups

Flex- Twisted Cross x 2 mins per side

Thursday, February 16th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Therapy Squats
15 Heel Taps standing on 45lb plate- You should feel this in your glute. Good activation drill to make sure your glutes are firing. Hinge at your hips and exaggerate pushing your hips back

30 second Handstand or Plank

1A) Pick one-
Overhead Squat- 5 x 5
Back Squat- 5 x 5
Pistol Squat- 5 x 10 each leg- hold a db or kb if you want and added challenge

1B) Glute Ham Rollers- 5 x 10

2 mins on 2 mins rest x 4 Rounds
20/15 Calories Row or Bike (20 men/15 women)
Max DB Thrusters with remaining time- (30/20)/(50/35)

Flex- Pigeon x 2 mins per side

Friday, Feb. 17th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Table Top Bridges
10 Ring Rows
50 foot Bear Crawl

Gymnastics Strength Work-
15 minutes
1A) 5-10 Hollow/Arch Swings- Focus on staying tight, legs together, strong Hollow and Arch
1B) 5-10 Ring Dips- Scale with Negatives, Equalizers, or Boxes/Benches
1C) 10-30 second Chin Above Bar Hold

3 reps EMOM x 10 min
Power Snatch or Deadlift ~ 70% of max plus 5 Lateral Bar Hop Burpees

Bonus- 50 Body Saws- Share a roller with a partner and switch every 10 reps. Banded Shoulder Prehab- 2 x 10- A,T,Y,L

Saturday, Feb. 18th

Bring a Friend WOD!

Go over Rowing Technique

1 minute stations x 3 Rounds- easy pace- focus on proper Rowing Technique
A) Rowing
B) Burpees
C) Air Squats
D) Plank

Partner WOD- reps can be split up anyway you want- 30 minute cap
3 Rounds
40 Cals Row or Bike
40 Step Ups- Hold DB’s if you want more of a challenge (30/20’s)/(50/35’s)
40 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
40 Sit Ups
40 Walking Lunges

Flex- Couch Stretch x 2 mins per side

Sunday, Feb. 19th

Open Gym 9am-11am
11am- Erin’s class
12noon-2pm- Open Gym

Monday, February 6th- Sunday, February 12th (click here)

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Check back tomorrow for more announcements!! Thank you to everyone who made the 2017 Lanco Games possible! Athletes, judges, volunteers, and everyone who came out to cheer! Thank you for making it a great event!

Congrats to our podium finishers!

Masters Women- Amy Rupp 2nd place, Lisa Good 3rd place
Masters Men- Kevin Weaver 3rd place
Womens RX- Sammy Leid 2nd place

Monday, Feb. 6th

WU- 4 minute stations- Get in groups of 3 and rotate in order
A) Banded Shoulder Prehab- A,T,Y,L x 5 each- repeat
B) 10 Pass Throughs, 10 Push Ups, 10 Air Squats- repeat
C) Row or Bike- gradually pick up pace

1A) DB Strict Press- 5 x 10 reps (slow and controlled on way down)
1B) Inverted Barbell Row- 5 x 10 (slow and controlled lowering) make sure head is towards wall

2 mins on 2 mins rest for 20 minutes- Partner up with someone
Row or Bike 20/15 Calories (20 for men, 15 women)
Burpees with remaining time
Push the pace, don’t pace yourself, build your engine!
Score is total Burpees for all rounds combined

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins

Announcements continued-

WOD and Social this Friday February 10th at 7pm with Corps Fitness! The social will be at our gym now. Originally we planned on doing it at Corps but we will host it now instead. All members welcome! We will workout then hang out with the folks from Corps Fitness. BYOB for the post wod social. No need to sign up just show up.

Bring a friend day! If you have a friend or you want to drag someone into try a CrossFit WOD we will have a “Bring a Friend” WOD on Saturday February 18th for both the 9 and 10am classes. We will make it new person friendly! Most likely a partner wod where you can workout with your friend. No need to sign up just show up. Don’t worry we won’t pressure them to sign up either! Just a good opportunity to share CrossFit with a friend.

Next Godwod is Sunday February 12th at 6pm. Any questions contact Phil Eby- 717-278-1963

Tuesday, Feb. 7th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Therapy Squats
10 Russian KB Swings
15 Sling Shot Bridges

1A) Back Squat- 5,5,4,4,3- Slow and controlled Eccentric (lowering)- focus on form over weight
1B) Glute Ham Rollers- 5 x 10 (slow and controlled)

Partner WOD- 15 minute Amrap- split reps anyway you want. Keep the pace fast, reps do not have to be even. As soon as you get tired switch with your partner.

50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
25 Toes To Bar (scale with Knees to Elbows, Sit Ups, or Pike Ups on GHR)
15 Power Cleans (135/95)/(185/125)- should be a medium/heavy weight but you can complete perfect reps- Or scale with a Deadlift.

Flex- Couch Stretch x 2 mins per leg

Wednesday, Feb. 8th

WU- 3 Rounds
5 Push Press with 5 second hold
15 second Chin above Bar Hold or Top or ring row hold
10 Pass Throughs
30 second Handstand Hold or Plank

1A) Push Press with 3 second Hold at Top- 5,5,4,4,3
1B) Chin Ups 5 x max or 1 legless Rope Climb

EMOM x 15
Min 1- 10 Burpee Pull Ups
Min 2- 12 DB Snatches- 6 each arm (AHAP with perfect form)
Min 3- 5-15 Handstand Push Ups (pick a rep scheme you can do unbroken and try to maintain those reps, they don’t have to be unbroken each round) or scale with 10 BB Strict Press at a weight you can do unbroken but is challenging.

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins

Thursday, Feb. 9th

WU- 9 min EMOM
Min 1- Wall Hip Hinge
Min 2- Bear Crawl
Min 3- Lunge, Lunge, Air Squat, Burpee.. repeat

1A) Deadlift- 5,5,4,4,3- Slow controlled eccentric (lowering) form over weight
1B) GHR Body Saws- 5 x 10 slow and controlled- do not let hips sag!

3 Rounds
1 min Row/Bike for Calories
1 min Box Jumps or Step Ups (24/20)
1 min Walking Lunges
1 min rest

Flex- Pigeon x 2 mins per side

Friday, Feb. 10th

WOD and Social with Corps Fitness – 7pm – BYOB or hang out and have a Fit Aid or Kill Cliff!

WU- Get in groups of 3- Rotate every 40 seconds- 3 Rounds
A) Wall Ball Shots
B) Banded T’s and Y’s- Alternate
C) Warm-up Pace Burpees

1A) Bench Press- 5 x 5 with slow eccentric or lowering
1B) Underhand Ring Row- 5 x 10 with slow eccentric

Partner WOD- 9 mins- Alternate Full Rounds
3 Power Clean and Push Jerk (115/75)/(155/105)
6 Lateral Bar Hop Burpees
9 Air Squats
Rest 3 minutes
Partner WOD- 9 mins- Alternate Full Rounds
3 Strict Pull Ups or Strict C2B Pull Ups
6 Russian KB Swings (AHAP with good form)
9 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

Flex- Twisted Cross x 2 mins per side

Saturday, Feb. 11th

WU- EMOM x 9 mins
min 1- 5 Pass Throughs, 5 PVC Overhead Squats- repeat
min 2- Worlds Greatest Stretch- Alternate Sides
Min 3- Sit in perfect squat- Hold on to rig if needed

Snatch Technique work- Snatch Pull+ Power Snatch + Squat Snatch
DB Snatch- Work up to a 5 rep max each arm

Partner up with someone- Score is total calories on Bike or Rower
2 rounds
Partner one goes for 1 minute
Partner two goes for 1 minute
Partner one goes for 2 minutes
Partner two goes for 2 minutes
Partner one goes for 3 minutes
Partner two goes for 3 minutes

Bonus- 50 Core Rollouts

Sunday, Feb. 12th

11am- Erins CrossFit Class
12noon-2pm- Open Gym

Monday, Jan. 30th- Sunday, Feb. 5th (click here)

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Lanco Games this Saturday 10am at CrossFit Ephrata!! No classes or open gym on Saturday. Come out and cheer! We have a bunch of athletes from Ephrata competing!

-Update on membership Price Change.

Thank you all for working with us on the new upcoming membership price change. Our goal is to keep improving and offer incredible value for your membership. We received a lot of great feedback from members on our vision to keep adding bigger and better things at CrossFit Ephrata. Also, a few concerns and a couple things I wanted to mention. The price change will go in affect for March instead of February. We will also work with couples or families and give them a discount. If I haven’t been in touch with you already on the price change I will be in touch soon. Thank you for your patience and faith in us as we continue to improve. Any questions do not hesitate to ask Tyler. email of the day!! I highly recommend you subscribe to the EOD (email of the day) from This is an awesome resource! CrossFit does a great job of putting out free valuable content so take advantage! Go to

We will be watching the Super Bowl at the gym on Feb 5th! We are going to test out our projector screen! Anyone is welcome to come out and watch the game. BYOB and snacks! Game starts at 6:30.

Product billing sheet- make sure you are documenting everything you buy at the gym. Even if you pay cash or check, please document it on the billing sheet. If you are paying with your credit card just mark it on the sheet. Thanks!

CrossFit Ephrata on Social media- make sure to join our CrossFit Ephrata Group page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Stay up to date with Bonus Open Gym times and other announcements. For Facebook we have two pages- our business page and our group page. make sure to join the group page. Our Instagram is crossfit_ephrata.

Weather alert- If we have bad weather make sure to check the blog and our Facebook group page before coming into the gym. We will post if we ever cancel class. Thanks!


Monday, Jan. 30th 

WU- EMOM x 9 minutes- groups of 3

Min 1- Row or Bike

Min 2- Hip Hinges against wall- practice perfect hip hinges

Min 3- Bear Crawl


20 minutes

1A) Power Clean- 5 x 5 reps (you pick weight, does not have to be touch in go) Smooth and Pretty reps!

or Deadlift- 5 x 5 reps- Smooth and Pretty!

1B) Practice Handstand Holds or Kipping Handstand Push Ups- see progression. If you feel comfortable with HSPU go for 5 x max reps

a) Handstand Hold (belly to wall)

b) Handsand Hold (back to wall)

c) Headstand Hold

d) Kipping HSPU


“The Chief”

Max rounds in 3 minutes- rest 1 minute x 5 Rounds

3 Power Cleans (135/95)- Scale Option Deadlift (135/95)

6 Push Ups

9 Air Squats

  • score is your lowest round, try to keep a smooth steady pace

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins


Tuesday, Jan. 31st 

WU- 3 min stations

A) Banded Shoulder Prehab- A,T,Y,L’s- 5 each, repeat

B) 10 Pass Throughs, 10 Samson Lunges- repeat

C) 10 second Hollow Hold, 10 second Superman (Arch) – repeat

15 mins

Skill Work- Kipping Swing, Pull Up, C2B, Muscle Up

Start with improving your kipping swing-

a) Practice Hollow and Arch positions on ground

b) Practice Hollow and Arch positions on Pull Up Bar

c) Focus on keeping tight hollow and arch position, legs straight, work on increasing the size of your swing with strong control

d) Translate your strong swing to your pull ups, c2b, muscle ups

3 Rounds For Time

30 Box Jumps or Step Ups (24/20) – We recommend jumping up and stepping down if you are doing box jumps

15 Burpee Pull Ups

30 Walking Lunges

15 Toes to Bar- Scale with knees to elbows or sit ups or GHR Pikes (push up position, toes in GHR, with straight legs do a Pike then let GHR out under control) Great for building core strength

Flex- Couch Stretch x 2 mins per leg


Wednesday, Feb. 1st

WU- 3 Rounds

10 Therapy Squats

15 Sling Shot Glute Bridges

10 Pass Throughs

20 mins

1A) Back Squat- 5 x 5 reps (you pick weight, 5 second eccentric (lowering)

1B) Glute Ham Rollers- 5 x 10, start to build in to one leg curls if you can. Good way to start is use both legs to curl in and switch to one leg when you let the roller back out. Alternate legs. Slow and controlled with these!

15 minute EMOM

Min 1- 50 Double Unders or Calories Row or Bike (15/12)

Min 2- 5 Power Snatch (95/65)/(135/95)- Smooth and pretty! or 5 DB Snatch each arm (you pick weight)

Min 3- 15-20 Wall Ball Shots (you pick weight, should be unbroken)

Flex- Pigeon x 2 mins per side


Thursday, Feb. 2nd

WU- 3 Rounds

5 Push Press with 5 second pause at top

5 slow RDLs- Perfect Hip Hinge

5 Kipping Swings

10 Hollow Rocks

20 mins

1A) Push Press- 5 x 5 sets with 3 second hold at top on each rep. Focus on keeping stomach tight, ribs pulled down. Strong lockout.

1B) Bent over DB Rows- 5 x 10 – slow and controlled

1C) Underhand Ring Rows- 5 x 10- slow and controlled


8 minute Amrap

4 One arm DB or KB Clean and Push Press each arm (ahap with good form)

4 Strict Pull Ups (scale with a jumping pull up or ring row if needed)

8 Burpees

Flex- Twisted Cross x 2 mins


Friday, Jan. 3rd

WU- Alternating EMOM x 8 mins

Min 1- 5 slow push ups, pass throughs rest of minute

Min 2- 5 KB Swings, focus on solid hip hinge and squeeing glutes to fire KB up. Smooth and steady air squats rest of minute

20 mins

1A) Ring Dips- 5 x max (scale with Ring Dip Holds or Negatives or bench, box, equalizer dips)


1B) Banded T’s- 5 x 20 – Get the upper back on fire!

1C) GHR- Body Saw- 5 x 10 slow and controlled
Body Saw should be the third exercise in this video. Tight plank, don’t let hips sag. Push body backwards moving only at shoulders then pull back to starting position. Very challenging on core when done right!


20 minute Partner WOD – Split reps up anyway you want

25- Russian KB Swings (24k/16k)/(32/24k)

25- Wall Ball Shots (20/14)

25- Box Jumps or Step Ups (24/20)- We recommend jumping up and stepping down when doing box jumps

25- Cals on Rower or Bike

Flex- Lizard x 2 min per side


Saturday, Jan. 4th

Lanco Games! 10am! Come out and support the CrossFit Ephrata athletes!!

*No Classes or Open Gym


Sunday, Jan. 5th

11am- Erin’s Class

12noon-2pm- Open Gym