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12/23/18- CrossFit Ephrata Holiday Update

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Happy Holidays CFE Members!!

** Most of you received an email last week on everything going on with the gym in the new year–everything going on with our transition, new features for the new year, building move, new gym billing software, etc. If for some reason you did not get the email, no worries; I have the email below, so you can get caught up. Please make sure you read the letter below. All members will be getting an email in the near future to update their billing information. You just have to enter your billing information in the secured PushPress platform. The software is very straight forward and easy to use. Very similar to the easiness of our Sugarwod app. We will take care of your membership plan and everything else. Any questions do not hesitate to ask. Contact Tyler at 717-649-2051 or email Thank you!

Holiday Hours-

Dec. 24th- 7,9,11am Class (open gym in between) Bonus Open Gym 3-5pm

Dec. 25th- Closed – Merry Christmas!

Dec. 26th- 7,9.11am- Class (open gym in between)

Dec. 27th- Back to Normal Hours

Dec. 31st- 7,9,11am- Class (open gym in between)

Jan. 1st- 9,11am and 1pm- Class (open gym in between)

Jan 2nd- Back to Normal Hours

** Starting January 2nd we will be adding a 12noon class. We are also keeping the 8am for now. We will see how attendance is for these classes for the month of January and adapt the schedule from there. Schedule will be the same as it is as now for the month of January plus the 12noon class.

** We also added a extra Sunday Strength Workout on Sugarwod for a bonus open gym workout for anyone looking to add some strength.

The 2018 Christmas party was a lot of fun and thank you all for coming out!! Thank you all for your generous donations for Coach Aly and Coach Jen’s trip to Wodapolooza too!

2019 Letter to CrossFit Ephrata Members

This is a very important message for all current members or past members of 2018. We appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Thank you all very much for your dedication to our gym and community! We appreciate the support as we work through some transition. As I previously mentioned in some of my posts, I wanted to move our gym away from competitive CrossFit. I was wrong in some of my ideas and wrong in how I presented them. I was frustrated with some of the things I saw with competitive CrossFit- potential injuries, overtraining, divide in community, and an overall culture that was different from why we originally got involved in CrossFit. The original intention of CrossFit is a program designed for every level of athlete to improve their general fitness, a community that celebrates effort from all athletes, a fitness program that is safe, effective, efficient, and fun, so we can be better in and outside of the gym. The majority of members are not looking to compete in the sport (at a high level) but benefit from competing with themselves, others in class, and learning new skills.

The key for the future is finding balance—balance in workout programming, balance in fitness and sport, and balance in life and community. The good news is we are back on track! Energy is high in classes, the workouts are safe, effective, and fun! Our members are getting stronger and fitter with every workout! Our workouts are great for our fitness focused members but also challenging enough for those who want to mix in high level movements or want to compete in the sport of CrossFit. As with any great strength and conditioning program, the priorities should be safety, effectiveness, and fun. We intend to provide that and continuously look to improve those areas.

Our mission is to give our members incredible value. We are, and always will be, a members first gym. As a staff we are there to serve our members; our members do not serve us. We are excited to keep improving things for our members in 2019! As I also previously mentioned in blog posts, we will be moving buildings at some point, but we do not know when. Once we have a date, we will let everyone know. Nothing is changing for now with our current location, so come in and train hard like you always do!

Our first improvement for 2019 is to add a new gym management system called PushPress. This system will allow us to save time and make the gym run more efficiently, so we can focus on running great classes. The PushPress system also allows us to bring on some new membership options. In the new year we will be offering a punch card membership (10 sessions for $150) and 2x per week membership ($100) to give our members more options. The PushPress system also connects nicely to our Sugarwod app.

We will also be adding a 12noon class for January. We will keep both the current 8am class and add the 12noon class for January. If they both have good attendance we will keep them both. We are going to test them out for January and decide from there. We are working on improving other services including nutrition programs, personal training, additional class options, and more member perks to be announced! We are very excited for 2019, and we look forward to helping you reach your best level of fitness!

Expect an email from the new PushPress system requesting you to set up and verify the existing information we have on file for you. The subject line will be “Action Needed – {CrossFit Ephrata} Migration Request”.  This email will be sent in the near future with a link to fill out your profile and secured billing information. Please fill out your profile and billing information before January 1st. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, you can always catch me in the gym or email me at {} or call or text 717-649-2051.  It is very important that all members fill out their basic profile and billing information, so we can make sure our billing system runs smoothly for the new year. Thank you in advance for your help!

Happy Holidays!!
Tyler & Erin Trettin