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Monday, April 3rd- Sunday, April 9th (click here)

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– Announcements

This Saturday April 8th from 10am-12noon we have a FREE seminar with Physical Therapist Zach Mitchell. Zach will be going over the Functional Movement Screen and how we can use it to improve our overall performance. He will be going over ways to identify movement dysfunctions and corrective exercises to improve those areas. If you struggle with flexibility or nagging injuries this is a great opportunity to learn how you can improve those areas. Free to all members.

This Saturday’s Hours-
7-9am Open Gym
9am CrossFit Class
10am-12noon – Functional Movement Screen Seminar
12noon-1pm- Kids Class with Easter Egg Hunt!!– $5 for members, $10 for non-members

Coach Erin and Coach Aly are starting a 6 week team competition! The competition starts April 10th and will be a combination of fitness, nutrition, and weight loss goals. For more information see the front table at the gym. Sign up ASAP if you want to do it because you have some initial testing to get done this week. Cost is $25 to do the full 6 weeks. Any questions contact Erin at 717-371-8786.

April 22nd- 10am-12noon- Gymnastics Seminar with Coach Jefferson from Positive Fitness. 10-11am will be intermediate gymnastic skills- Handstands, Kipping Swing, Kipping Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, etc. 11am-12 noon will be more advanced movements- Handstand Walking, Muscle Ups, etc. Cost is $10 for members, $20 for non members. You may attend the whole 2 hours if you like.

CrossFit Ephrata will be represented in this years Atlantic Regionals!! Our CrossFit Ephrata Team “The Chu Crew” finished 14th in the region. Top 15 teams make it! We will compete the weekend of June 2nd-4th in Atlanta. Thank you all for your support! The environment during the Open at our gym is a huge factor in our team making it. We also had 9 individuals contribute scores. It was definitely an overall team effort!

If any of you want to do extra flexibility work to improve your Overhead Squat/Snatch positions this is one of my favorite routines.

Everyone has their own unique issues when it comes to mobility, but this is a great overall program and targets a lot of the issues people struggle with. Depending on your goals in CrossFit doing extra mobility work can be extremely important. The more you push your body the more mobility work is needed to off set the stress on your body. if you struggle with mobility and your goal is to compete at a higher level, do full Overhead Squats, Snatches etc. I recommend trying this routine 3-5x per week for a month and see how you feel!

Take advantage of our 7pm Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Classes. We also have the Olympic Weightlifting class on Saturdays at 11am (except this Saturday). If you struggle with the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk this class will get you more comfortable with these movements. These lifts are a lot of fun and have great benefits once you learn them. Also, if you are brand new to these movements it is very important you come to the Weightlifting class before attempting a snatch or clean and jerk in class.

We are starting a new Cycle for our Strength Class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm. This Cycle will be posted on the blog and the goal is to improve overall strength in the Press, Squat, and Pulling movements. If you can not make the 7pm class you can still do the Strength WOD if you would like. We just ask that you don’t interfere with people doing the class. Thank you!!

This week of programming is going to be a fun week! All partner or team wods!! You are encouraged to work with some new people and just have fun! We just had a tough open season so use this period to de-stress and just have fun training!

Monday, April 3rd

WU- EMOM x 6 minutes
5 Power Cleans or Deadlifts
5 Front Squats
Hold Perfect Plank Rest of minute
then 2 minutes each
-Sit in a Goblet squat with light KB or DB
-Front Rack BB Stretch (Put bar on back like a back squat but with elbows high like a front squat. Work on pressing elbows high and improving front rack position)

Teams of 3- Break reps up anyway you want. Keep the pace fast but perfect form!
30 Minute Amrap
100 Back Squats From Rack (135/95)/(185/125)
75 Power Cleans (135/95)/(185/125) – Scale with Deadlift if needed
50 Strict Pull Ups

Core Bonus-
3 Rounds
15 Overhead Plate Sit Ups (45/25)
20 Seated Russian Twists with Plate (45/25)

Flex- Pigeon x 2 mins per side

Tuesday, April 4th

WU- 9 minutes
Min 1- Row or Bike
Min 2- Overhead Wall Ball Stretch (Lay with your upper back on a Wall Ball, hips pressing towards the floor, Hold a light weight overhead and extend arms back. Hold stretch for a second or two then repeat)
Min 3- Wall Walks

1A) DB Z Press- 5 x 10 reps
1B) Ring Row- 5 x 10 (1 second pause with chest at rings)

Partner WOD- break reps up anyway you want
100 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
50 Shoulder To Overhead (135/95)/(185/125)
100 Calories Row or Bike

Bonus- 30 Core Rollouts

Tuesday Strength Class- New Cycle!
WU- See CrossFit Class

15 minutes to find a 1RM Strict Press for the day
1A) 80% of that max for 6 x 2 reps
1B) 6 x 5-10 Strict Pull Ups

2A) Bench Press- 4 x 8 (5 second negative)
2B) DB Bent Over Bat Wing Row- 4 x 8 each arm

3A) Bicep Curl of Choice- 3 x 10
3B) Dips- 3 x near max

Wednesday, April 5th

WU- 3 Rounds
200 Meter Run
10 Perfect Hip Hinges against wall
50 Foot Bear Crawl
10 Pass Throughs

Technique Work
1A) KB Swings- 5 x 15 Reps (strong hip drive! Squeeze the Glutes!)
1B) Handstand Holds or Walks- 5 x 30 seconds (focus on perfect tight position)

Partner WOD- 5 Rounds
400 Meter Run
30 Deadlifts (155/105)/(225/155)
* Runs are together, Deadlifts are split between both partners

Core Bonus- Side Planks- 3 x 30 seconds per side
Flex- Lizard x 2 mins per side

Thursday, April 6th

3 minutes on each station
A) Banded Shoulder Prehab- A, T, Y x 5 each, Repeat
B) 10 Pass Throughs, 5 PVC Overhead Squats, 5 Lateral PVC Hop Burpees, Repeat
C) Door Way Pec Stretch on Rig, Switch sides at 1:30 mark

Technique Work
3 Position Power Snatch- 1 Snatch From the Hip + 1 Snatch from the Knee + 1 Snatch from the Ground. Keep the weight moderate, focus on hitting proper positions with bar staying tight to the body.
Work up to a 5RM each arm DB Power Snatch

Partner WOD- Split reps anyway you want
3 Rounds
20 Power Snatches (95/65)/(135/95)- scale with a DB Snatch if needed
20 Ring Dips (scale weight box, bench, equalizer dips)
20 Thrusters (95/65)/(135/95)
20 Burpee Box Jumps or Burpee Step Ups (24/20)
20 Strict C2B Pull Ups (scale with a jumping C2B, Pull Up or Ring Row)

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins

Strength Class
WU- Coaches Choice

15 minutes to find a 1RM Back Squat Max for the Day then
1A) 6 x 2 reps @ 80% of the max for the day
1B) 6 x 10 reps Glute Ham Rollers

2A) Snatch Grip Deadlift- 4 x 8 (5 second negative)
2B) Split Jumps- 4 x 10 (5 each leg, max height)

3A) Standing DB or KB Oblique Side Bends- 3 x 15 each side
3B) BB Sit Ups- 3 x 10

Friday, April 7th

WU- 8 Minutes- Partner Up
Partner 1- Row or Bike
Partner 2- 10 Hollow Rocks, 10 Samson Lunges
then switch

Every 2 minutes for 32 minutes or 4 Rounds
A) Row 300/250 Meters, rest with remaining time
B) Assault Bike 20/15 Calories, ” ”
C) 100 Ft Walking Lunge with DB’s on Shoulders (50’s,35’s)
D) 20 Toes To Bar or 20 V-Ups or 20 Sit Ups

Flex- Couch Stretch x 2 mins per leg

Saturday, April 8th
** 7-9 Open Gym
**9am Class Only
**10am-12noon- FREE Functional Movement Screen Seminar with Physical Therapist Zach Mitchell!!
**12noon Kids Class- with Easter Egg Hunt!! $5 for members, $10 for non members.

WU- 3 Rounds
5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Cleans or 5 Russian KB Swings
5 Front Squats
5 Shoulder to Overhead
5 Thrusters
Jog 200 Meters

Teams of 3- Split reps anyway you want
100 Deadlifts (135/95)/(185/125)
80 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)/(185/125) Scale with Russian KB Swing if needed
60 Front Squats (135/95)/(185/125)
40 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)/(185/125)
20 Thrusters (135/95)/(185/125)
* Every minute each team member must do 5 Burpees at the start of the minute

Bonus- Shoulder Prehab- Banded Cuban Press- 3 x 10
Flex- Standing Straddle x 2 mins

Sunday, April 9th

10am- Erin’s CrossFit Class
11am-1pm- Open Gym

Monday, March 27th- Sunday, April 2nd

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Congrats on finishing the CrossFit Open!! Lots of tough workouts and lots of cheering each other on! I am very thankful to be a part of such an awesome group of people! Thank you all for creating an awesome atmosphere and participating in the 2017 Open!

Set your goals for 2018 now! The Open always exposes some weak areas in our fitness. Make a plan to attack those areas. Remember, no one stays the same. You get better or worse every day. Make a plan to get better! Your goals don’t have to be crazy, just have to get better. Maybe your goal is to beat your overall rank from last year or learn a new skill like double unders. Set a few goals for 2018, show up consistently and you will be amazed at the progress you can make over a year. Thank you all for your effort!

Mark your calendar for the following events at our gym-

April 8th – 10am-12noon – Zach Mitchell Physical therapist will be going over the Functional Movement Screen and how we can use it to improve- mobility, injury prevention and our overall performance! Attend if you can! Free for all members!

April 22nd- 10am -12noon- Gymnastics Seminar with Coach Jefferson from Positive Fitness. 10-11am will be intermediate gymnastic skills- Handstands, Kipping Swing, Kipping Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, etc. 11am-12 noon will be more advanced movements- Handstand Walking, Muscle Ups, etc. Cost is $10 for members, $20 for non members. You may attend the whole 2 hours if you like.

Monday, March 27th

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Pass Throughs
10 Dynamic Puppy Dog on Bench of Box
10 Pause Goblet Squats
5 Power Snatch Plus Overhead Squat or 5 DB snatch each arm

1A) Technique Work- Hang Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch (work up to technical max of the day- perfect form!). You may scale with 2 Hang Power Snatches or 5 Hang DB Snatches each arm.

1B) Body Saws- 5 x 10 reps (slow and controlled! Hips up, core tight)

12 Minute Amrap
10 Handstand Push Ups – scale with Hand Release Push Ups
10 Ring Dips- Scale with Dips on boxes or benches
10 DB Thrusters (50/35)- scale weight as needed

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins, Banded Cuban Presses- 3 x 10

Tuesday, March 28th

WU- 1 minute stations x 3 rounds
A) Wall Hip Hinges (practice perfect Hip Hinges, no movement in the back, all in the hips! Also a great mobility drill for your hamstrings)
B) Alternating Banded T’s and Y’s
C) Burpee Broad Jumps- Easy Pace

1A) Deadlifts 5 x 10 reps @ 60% of max- smooth touch and go sets
1B) Strict Pull Ups- 5 x near max or 5 negatives
1C) Bent Over DB Rows or Banded Rows (seated on floor) – 5 x 10-15 reps

Partner WOD – 15 minutes
Max Wall Ball Shots
Partner not doing wall ball shots has to run 200 meters or row 250 meters or Bike 12/9 Calories before switching.

Flex- Puppy Dog x 2 mins

Wednesday, March 29th

WU- 2 Rounds
10 Banded Cuban Presses
10 Pass Throughs
10 Push Ups
20 Standing Dynamic Chest Flys
200 Meter Jog

1A) Bench Press- 4 x 10 reps at 60% of max or higher
1B) DB Upright Row- 4 x 10 reps (slow and controlled)
1C) DB Hammer Curls- 4 x 10 reps (slow and controlled)

Every 2 minutes for 6 Rounds or 24 minutes
First 2 minutes- Run 400 Meters
Second 2 minutes- Max Calories row or Bike
– Partner up with someone if needed. One person starts with run the other on bike or row. It’s ok if you can’t make the run in 2 minutes you will just have less time on the bike or row. Score is your total calories.

Flex- Twisted Cross x 2 mins per side

Thursday, March 30th

WU- 3 Rounds
15 Glute Bridges with Sling Shot Bands
10 Walking Samson Lunges
5 Pause Goblet Squats
10 Rocking Tables

1A) Single Leg Squat- 5 x 5 each leg using DB’s or a light BB. Put an abmat, blue pad, or grey pad under your knee so you can comfortably tap your knee to the pad.
1B) Glute Ham Rollers- 5 x 10 reps

14 minute EMOM
Min 1- 5 Squat Cleans (135/95)/(185/135)- Scale with Front Squats from rack or Goblet Squats
Min 2- 15 Box Jumps or Step Ups (24/20)

Bonus- 30 Core Rollouts- Pigeon Stretch x 2 mins per side

Friday, March 31st

WU- 3 Rounds
10 Wall Angels
10 Standing Shoulder Circles each way (forward, reverse)
5 Strict Press
5 Sumo DLHP
5 Front Squats
5 Power Snatches- Sub 5 DB Snatches each arm if needed

1A) Strict Press- 10,10,8,8,6
1B) KB, DB or Farmers Handles- Farmers Carry 5 x 200 feet (ahap). Rig to rig is 50 feet

10 Minute Amrap
15 Push Ups
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)
15 Air Squats
10 Power Snatches (95/65) – Scale with 5 DB Snatch each arm (35/20)

Flex- Puppy Dog on box or bench x 2 mins

Saturday, April 1st

Little Kids Class 12noon! Great turnout last week! $5 for members kids and $10 for non members.

WU- Coaches choice- General Dynamic total body warm-up then
Practice Hollow and Arch Positions on floor then Hollow and Arch Swing on Bar

Skill EMOM – 20 minutes
Min 1- 5 Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring) or 5 Strict C2B or 5 Strict Pull Ups
Min 2- 16 Pistols (scale with box or bench)
Min 3- Handstand Walk 30 feet or 30 second handstand Hold/Plank or practice kicking up to a Handstand
Min 4- 25-50 unbroken Double Unders, scale with single unders or 12/9 Calories on Bike or Rower

4 Rounds
20 One Arm DB Overhead Lunge (switch arms after 10 reps)
15 American KB Swings (24k/16k)/(32/24k)
10 Pull Ups/ C2B

Bonus- Durante Core
5 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V Ups
10 Knee Tucks
10 Second Hollow Hold

Sunday, April 2nd

10am- Erin’s Class
11-1pm- Open Gym

Open WOD 17.5

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Open WOD 17.5!!

6pm- Friday Night Lights!! We will have a social after. We will be getting food from Vincent’s Restaurant- Slice of Italy. Feel free to bring a beverage of your choice. Come out and celebrate the end of the Open and all your hard work!

WU- EMOM x 7 minutes
5 Full Grip Thrusters (1 second pause at the bottom and 1 second pause at the top)
15 Double Unders or Bar Hops

2 Rounds
1 minute PVC Front Rack Stretch each Side
1 minute Sit in perfect Squat- Hold Rig if needed

Warm-up to Thruster Weight For Workout

10 Rounds
9 Thrusters (95/65) *set 10lb plates down nicely please!
35 Double Unders

*Scale with Bar Hops or Single Unders or 10/8 calories row or bike

Bonus- “Durante Core”
5 Rounds
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 Sec. Hollow Hold