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November, 25th- Update for Gym Move/Transition

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CFE Members-


We do not have a date for our gym move yet. Things have been delayed for now, but we will let you know as soon as we have any updates. Over the last 7 years, we have gone through periods of change, and we have always adapted and improved. Our gym and community have changed hundreds of lives, built incredible relationships, and provided awesome fitness results. We will continue to do so in the future! In the meantime, continue to come in and train hard like you always have!


When I made my original post on moving away from “competitive CrossFit”, I did not mean we should move away from training with high intensity, competing with yourself, pushing each other, posting our scores, encouraging each other, pushing for PRs, learning new skills, pursuing competitions and, overall, getting better. These are the core values that drive CrossFit and what makes it effective. However, I do want to move away from the potential negatives I see with hardcore competitors—overtraining, potential injuries, and less focus on the community and more focus on the individual. I want to reinforce a mindset of training to be fit for life, health, and longevity versus training to be good at the sport of CrossFit. My previous usage of “competitive CrossFit” wasn’t the best to describe our future vision because it is easy to misinterpret. My future vision is the same as it was when we began our gym 7 years ago—to create a supportive community of super fit people who can conquer everything that life throws at them!


When I announced our building move and transition, I was dealing with a lot of stress. I was stressed trying to find a building, stressed with changes in our staff, and stressed of the changes within our community. I decided to take the only building option I could find over the last year that could support our gym. I tried to take a potential negative of the new space (smaller size) and make it a positive by adjusting our program focus. At the same time, I was struggling to find the right balance with CrossFit as a sport and CrossFit as a fitness program. My vision was to continue to do CrossFit in the most effective, efficient, and safest way while adapting it to our new space.


When I made the initial announcements, I struggled to create the right workouts and programming that would help transition us into the new building which could, potentially, limit a few of our movements.  I wanted to mix in new elements and show how we could develop fitness in new areas. While the workouts were effective and safe, they were not as fun as what our members have enjoyed in the past.  Therefore, the important thing moving forward is to continue to design workouts like they have been for the last few years.  They will be fun, effective, and safe workouts suitable for our beginner athletes all the way to our advanced athletes just as we have in the past. Our future location may change, but our mission will not. We will provide great workouts, great results, and an awesome community! Thank you all for your support during this time!


Tyler and Erin Trettin